Teach Old home New Tricks

Maybe You Can Teach an Old Home New Tricks.

Whether you're building a new home or upgrading the old homestead, here’s a look at some of the wireless, integrated equipment currently offered. Use the dealer locator below to learn more or source these breakthrough products.

Cor Hub and Mobile App

It All Begins With the Côr™ hub and Mobile App.

Your remotely accessible, fully connected home is powered by the Côr™ hub and accessed through the handy, easy-to-use app.

Cor Hub

Côr™ hub

The hub is the brains of the operation. Each component of this wireless system runs through this central controller. The Côr™ hub can be easily moved if you need to rearrange rooms or relocate. It can even be tucked away in a closet, provided there's Wi-Fi® access.

Cor Hub

Mobile App

The mobile app lets you take the system with you. Use your device to grant guests entry to your home, set up automations like timers and geofencing, and keep a set of eyes and ears on the ground whenever you're away. The app is free to download.

Come Home to Cor Home Automation.

Come Home to Côr™ Home Automation.

With all the products currently available and more on the way, Côr™ Home Automation can be tailored to perfectly fit your home and needs.

Smart Start Kit

Bring Home Instant Smarts
- The Smart Start Kit.

Côr™ Home Automation systems are extremely adaptable. With a convenient starter kit, you can build a bigger system over time, or just add a few I.Q. points to your home.


  1. The Hub - the Brains of the System
  2. Desk Stand
  3. Door/Window Sensors (3)
  4. Motion Sensor (1)
  5. Water Sensor (1)
  6. Garage-door Sensor
  7. Light On/Off/Dimmer Module


Lifestyle & Convenience

Cor Phone

Côr® Wi-Fi® Thermostat

Adjust your home comfort system as needed, from virtually anywhere. Save energy by monitoring and limiting heating and cooling when no one is home.

Cor Smart Touchscreen Control

Côr Smart Touchscreen Control

Add up to four Smart Touchscreen Controls to access your home automation system.

Cor Smart Touchscreen Control

Z-Wave® Light/Appliance

Plug this into your standard wall outlet for remote control over turning lights/appliances on or off.

Cor Smart Touchscreen Control

Z-Wave® Wall Dimmer Switch

Control brightness manually using the wall control or remotely through Z-Wave® technology.

Cor Smart Touchscreen Control

Water Sensor

Provides timely notification of water leaks for quick response and damage control.

Cor Smart Touchscreen Control

Freeze Sensor

Detects temperatures below 41° F and sends an alarm. Reverts to normal when temperature rises above 50° F.

Cor Smart Touchscreen Control

Yale® Door Lock

Admit people into your home remotely, or get notified when an access code is used.

Cor Smart Touchscreen Control

Z-Wave® Whole Home Water Shut-Off Valve

With the valve plumbed on the water main, you will be able to turn the water supply OFF when a water sensor is triggered.

Cor Smart Touchscreen Control

Z-Wave® Wall Outlet

Remotely turn power on or off to devices plugged into this outlet.

Cor Smart Touchscreen Control

Key Fob

Convenient access to the arming and disarming of the panel including programmed automation.


Door/Window Sensor

Door/Window Sensor

Wireless module detects opening and closing of doors and windows.

Door/Window Sensor

Garage-Door Sensor

Provides peace of mind by letting you know when your garage door is up.

Door/Window Sensor

Glass-Break Sensor

Recognizes the sound of glass breaking and sends you or your monitoring company an alert.

Door/Window Sensor

Motion Sensor

Our motion sensor detects movements and includes special processing that prevents false alarms from small pets weighing up to 40 pounds.

Door/Window Sensor

Recessed Door Contact

Concealed inside the door frame for discreet sensing of when a door is opened or closed.

Door/Window Sensor

1.3 MPX Outdoor Camera

Keep an eye on your home with this high-definition, Wi-Fi® camera. An integrated browser allows live remote viewing and listening, as well as playback of recorded audio and video.

Door/Window Sensor

1.3 MPX Indoor Camera

Keep watch inside your home with this high-definition, Wi-Fi® indoor camera.

Door/Window Sensor

Outdoor Motion Sensor

Our outdoor motion sensor detects movement and includes special processing that prevents false alarms from small pets weighing up to 40 pounds.

Life Safety

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

Sounds an alarm when a high temperature (135° F) or a rapid rise in temperature is detected.

Smoke Detector

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

Wireless CO alarm accurately and reliably alerts you about potentially dangerous levels of CO in the home.

Smoke Detector


Designed to listen to the alarm sound of any UL smoke or CO detector.

Additional Components


Stay tuned. There's more on the way.

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