More Than Just a Smarter Home

More Than Just a Smarter Home.

Côr™ Home Automation does more than help you build a smarter home - it can create a more comfortable, secure one too. Imagine receiving a notification when your children arrive home, having the ability to check in on things whenever and from wherever you want or being welcomed home by the perfect temperature and lighting settings.

Well, now you can do more than imagine it.

Feel right at home, even when you are away.

Côr™ Home Automation can be tailor-fit to you and your home’s needs. Here's a closer look at the convenient functionality the system can provide your family.



Monitor your home without paying for professional security services. With motion detectors, glass-break sensors, water sensors and garage-door indicators, the system can send a push notification to your mobile device if there is a disturbance. Wireless door-sensor alerts let you keep tabs on things like safes and valuables.



If you’re a creature of habit, Côr™ Home Automation allows you to set a schedule in advance for anything from lighting to your thermostat. With geofencing, the system is alerted when you’re nearing or departing the location and will automatically shift to your preferred home or away settings.


Remote Connectivity

Now you can access your home from virtually any Internet-connected location, adjusting important systems as the need strikes. Using your mobile device, you can check in on a live video feed, lock and unlock doors, change the temperature or lighting - all from a distance.

Monitoring Services within Cor Home Automation app

Monitoring Services

A great feature of Côr™ Home Automation is that it is a no-strings-attached system, meaning there are no contracts or added monthly fees to run this system. After starting with self-monitoring, should you desire an added layer of protection, Côr™ Home Automation is compatible with professional monitoring services.



Whether you're home or away, the system can alert you to everything from non emergencies - like a garage door being left open - to more serious threats to the home, like smoke or a broken window. Live-streaming cameras let you assess the situation and decide whether emergency services need to be called.

Professional Monitoring

Professional Monitoring

The system works seamlessly with professional security services whenever an extra set of eyes is desired. For additional peace of mind, you can opt for 24/7 monitoring through a central station that will dispatch emergency services, should the need arise. Fees may apply.

Women in meeting with man interacting with Cor Home Automation

Make Côr™ Home Automation Work for You.

Côr™ Home Automation gives you total control or does all the work for you. This highly customizable system is almost like having a service staff - just a lot more affordable.

  • Grant temporary access codes to your home when you can’t be there. Receive notifications when guests arrive or when service persons have come and gone.
  • Secure cabinetry. Safeguard and remotely monitor valuable or hazardous materials with door sensors.
  • Activate geofencing. This feature can determine when you’re nearing home and prepare for your arrival, initiating your climate and lighting settings. It also works when you move away from the perimeter, shifting to your away settings.

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